How it works

This platform is designed to connect 2 types of people:

  1. Carriers: Are you about to travel somewhere? Do you have a little extra space in your suitcase? Would you like to possibly make a little extra cash? Then you’re a potential carrier. Carriers make offers to help others ship things.
  2. Senders: People who have (low-risk) items to be shipped from one place to the other. These people make requests to have things shipped for them.

How we connect Carriers and Senders:

  • If you’re a Sender: Please fill this form
  • If you’re a Carrier: Please fill this form.


After you’ve filled in the appropriate form, we will post relevant details on the blog – of course, we’ll never publish your personal details such as emails and names.

If you see a post that interests you, it’s possible to contact the potential carrier or sender. To do this, make a comment on the appropriate blog post, and we will connect you to the person.

Tip: Use a valid email address when commenting or filling out contact forms, as that’s the only detail we can use to connect you to a sender or carrier.