Trust & Safety Tips

This is where we give advice on how to be safe, etc.

  1. Every transaction made via this platform is at your own risk. We do not yet have an insurance policy in place to protect you, but we will. In the mean time, know that sending valuable items (such as a Mona Lisa painting, or very important documents,) is risky.
  2. That said, we have a responsibility to keep this space free of unscrupulous people, and while we will do our part, we also need your help. How? Ratings and reviews. We have a separate section for that, so if you have transacted with a carrier or sender and it went well, please send us an email <> and we will post it. If it didn’t go well, still send us an email, and we will try to get to the bottom of the problem and post it.
  3. For your own safety, you are advised to meet in public spaces, preferably during the day.
  4. Please do not send or carry packages that cannot be opened. We do not want you to get caught transporting illegal/banned substances, so always check thoroughly. This means that if you are given something that comes in a sealed package, such as perfume, you should be allowed to empty the box and check to make sure there’s only perfume inside.
    1. Some items (e.g. chocolates) come in sealed packaging which cannot be opened without damaging the item’s aesthetics (and perhaps, validity). In such cases, discretion is key. If you’re a carrier, you may opt to collect money from the sender so you can purchase the item(s) by yourself. In this way, you’re 100% sure of the legitimacy of the item.
  5. If you’re a sender and you decide/agree that you will pay for a carrier to bring you an item: Before payment is made, please ensure that you and the carrier – and anyone else who is involved – have exchanged current contact information, and ironed out the details of when and where to meet.