Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Do you ship items or is it only local pickup in Chapel Hill, NC?

On a limited, exception-only basis, small items that can be packed safely in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box/envelope can be shipped domestically. Our fee is $5 + the USPS published rates/insurance, in the United States ONLY. We cannot ship internationally or large items at this time.

You must notify us at [email protected] PRIOR to the close of auction if you need your item(s) shipped. We will ship items within 7 days of auction close. Items that do not fit in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail box and are requested to be shipped will be charged $10 + Packing Material/Box/Label/Insurance + UPS Published rates. We do not ship large items/furniture unless the buyer pays all costs and arranges for pickup. Listed below are current USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail rates:

Small Flat Rate Box (5.375×8.625×1.625): $10.20 + $5.00 = $15.20

Medium Flat Rate Box (11×8.5×5.5 or 11.875×3.375×13.625): $17.10 + $5.00 = $22.10

Large Flat Rate Box (12×11.75×5.5): $22.80 + $5.00 = $27.80

Plus any insurance charges if value is greater than $100

Why was my card charged for $100 after I signed up?

No need to worry. It was not an actual charge and will disappear from your transactions within a day or two. It’s a fraud protection mechanism that simply validates that you are who you say you are along with an address.

Do you offer previews of items before I make any bids? Can I do previews on pickup days?

Each auction gives you an opportunity to schedule a 20-minute preview session. The link to schedule a preview time will be listed within each auction on our auction platform.

Can I get additional pictures/descriptions for item(s)?

Absolutely! Simply tell us what lot(s) and what information you’d like and we’ll be happy to assist. Email [email protected] with your request.

Can I pick up items at the next auction so I don’t have to make multiple trips?

Our policy is rather strict as we have limited space and any items left behind require additional logistics to track so we ask that you pick-up on designated days. Additional fees may also apply or you may relinquish the items per the agreement.

Can you deliver items locally?

Please contact us to coordinate a delivery with our sister company, The Shuttle Movers.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Unless you have a Sales & Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption from the state of North Carolina ( Form E-595E) on file prior to the end of auction, we are required to charge Orange County sales tax which is currently set at 7.5%.

Can I send you a sales tax exemption form for my purchases?

Yes, and be sure to send before the end of auction so the tax can be removed prior to invoicing.

Send your certificate to [email protected].

What is a Buyers Premium?

This charge which ranges typically between 10% – 20% and is used by the auction firm to offset a variety of expenses including warehousing, logistics, staffing, technology, our auction platform and marketing.

What’s the Convenience Fee? Can I pay cash?

Credit card payers are currently charged 3% to cover credit card charges from our processor. Buyers are welcome to pay with cash, cashiers check, or money order at the time of pickup. Please let us know at [email protected] if you will be using an alternative method before the end of the auction. Invoices are charged within 24 hours of close of auction using your credit card as the default payment.