Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Can you take a few items that I have in my household for auction?

While our focus is primarily working with clients that need to liquidate an entire estate, there may be opportunities for us to add additional items to an auction if the items are appropriate and align with a theme in an existing/planned auction.

Can I send you pictures of what I have?

Please send photos of your items to [email protected]. This is the first step in the process of working with you. This may also result in a complimentary consultation with our team so that you can get further insights into your items and our process.

What are your fees, commissions, rates, etc.?

You can expect to pay a commission of approximately 40-50% and that can depend on the number of items. There may also be additional set-up fees to transport your items to our warehouse which may be a separate expense. Our on-site complimentary consult will provide you with pricing.

Do you offer in-home estate sales?

After several years of managing the liquidation of estates, we have determined that an online estate auction model is the most beneficial platform for selling most items in a household and has the least risk for you as the consignor.

This model allows us time to focus on getting the highest value for your items.

There are many considerations surrounding an in-person estate sale, such as:

How quickly does the home need to get on the market?

What is your timeline for clearing the home?

Will your neighborhood/HOA allow the traffic?

What risk factors will you and you items face, should you choose to move forward?

Is the in-person estate sale company insured and bonded, and do they have trustworthy employees?

Do you have thematic auctions?

Yes. We will wait on some items until the holiday season (if you approve) to garner higher interest and ultimately higher values and return for you. This is one of many advantages of having a warehouse in Chapel Hill, NC.

I know my X is worth $Y, can you make sure I get that amount?

It is important to note that almost all of our Lots in an auction start at $1. This allows us to get the most realistic price for your items. We may make decisions to list your items on other venues based upon the items’ value and provenance.

We typically do not use Reserve Pricing, as that limits bidding activity and our goal is to deliver value to both buyers and sellers.

How do I get my items to your warehouse in Chapel Hill, NC?

You may either coordinate delivery to our warehouse using your resources or we can have The Shuttle Movers pick up any items for a fee.

Do you do appraisals?

While we do not currently provide appraisals, we partner with a variety of appraisal specialists that we can refer you to and/or we can manage the process if you’d like. There is a cost to obtaining an appraisal. Please note that the appraised value of an item is only beneficial for insurance purposes. Appraised value has no bearing on market or resale value.